A fusion of desi living in America.Inspiring all moms to do what we do best with a collection of all things travel , recipes, mommy and kids, shopping, product reviews, home decor, DIY, parenting topics and more. And coming soon…shop at my handmade store.

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Hello. I am a mom of two beautiful girls and a Cardiac Intensive Care Registered Nurse by profession. I like to keep busy by checking off the boxes on my bucket list. I love to travel to new places with the girls. I LOVE to craft and create, and I also keep up with my green thumb skills in my garden. Cooking is not my forte but I am always trying new recipes and trying out healthy and new products. As a Registered Nurse, I like to share and educate about women’s health. I’m a semi homemade, vegan and organic experimenting, holistic and homeopathic and traveling type of mom. I’m originally from Fiji islands, and with desi and Pacific roots I like to share my ideas of fusing my culture with my American life.

This blog started as a check off on my things to try list. As a mom, my life revolves around my girls so My blog is dedicated to them. Hence Ashriya was created using their first names. Ain’t No Hood like Motherhood became my slogan as there is nothing that will challenge you, build you, break you, make you lose yourself grooming your little creations and yet be so infinitely rewarding then being a mom. It’s been a challenging journey but I love sharing my ideas with others and it makes me feel so accomplished when I see that my hard work has been liked and shared by my followers. I try to keep my blogs short, simple, and realistic. I hope you will continue to join me and check out my shop Ashriya Handmade and Unique Finds for unique gifts for your friends and family.

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  • Health topics related to Women’s and children
  • Topics related to Hindu living: religion, festivals, families/relationships/culture, assimilating into Western culture

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