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Home Remedy: Cold Cough and Stuffy Noses

Home Remedy: Cold Cough and Stuffy Noses

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Indian folks have tons of home remedies that they have used for several generations. Some remedies still work for my family others make me raise my eyebrow in skepticism. It is really breaks my heart when those little noses become stuffy and they flop around in bed like a fish out of water trying to breath and sleep at the same time . Besides using MD prescribed and over the counter medications, here are some home remedies that help my children get through the flu season. Folks these are home remedies that you can try in addition to your child’s physician’s recommendations. These are by no means to replace the expert advise of someone who has been to 10 plus years of school and has more credentials behind their last name then the number of likes this post will ever get. Listen to your physician first! And do not use if your child is sensitive or you suspect they might be sensitive to any of the ingredients in these home remedies.

1. The Homemade Diffuser.

Growing up whenever anyone was sick at home it was a common sight to find him or her seated under a light sheet with a pot of boiling hot water with the lid slightly propped to let the steam mixed with Vicks vapor rub come through. I remember sitting under the sheets for which seemed like an eternity and coming out of all sweaty and wet. But one thing was for sure, my nose and sinuses were no longer congested after the vapor bath. The key to the vapor bath is boiling hot water. I usually keep a separate pot that I use just for this. Fill it half way and let it boil. I am blessed to have a beautiful lemon tree so I like to put a few lemon leaves in the pot as it boils. You could also add a few slices of fresh lemon after the water has boiled. Keep the lid on at all times to prevent the vapor from escaping. Once the water has finished boiling , I take the pot into a room that is small enough so that I can close it up to keep all the vapor in… guest bathroom works great for this. Using a teaspoon, scoop out a good heaping of Vicks vapor run and add it to the water. I also like to add essential oils. My favorites are Plant Therapy’s Germ Fighter (cheaper version of thieves but works the same), peppermint, and Guru Nanda’s breathe easy . Be careful not to add too much of these as it can make the eyes water as the steam hits them. I usually keep the pot lower and let the kids sit close to it. After adding all the fixings, I close the door and have my kids stir the pot with a wooden spoon(be carful of the hot water). This allows the steam to rise and because the room is so small we don’t need a blanket over us to contain the steam. I make the girls close their eyes and breath through their noses as much as possible. Also keep tissues available so that they can keep blowing their noses and getting the yuck out. I do this every night before shower time while they are sick. It really helps clear out their congestion so that they can sleep well.

Use old pots and rags and maintain a safe distance

2.Stubborn Cough or Sore Throat

For a cough or sore throat that won’t go away I give the kids honey, lemon, black pepper, apple cider vinegar mixture to help sooth their throats and suppress the cough. For the mixture add together:

  • 2 TBSP of honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon of pepper ( my kids don’t like the pepper but you can add more if you like)
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon of apple cider Vinegar

This should make like a thick paste. I usually let the girls eat it with a spoon and tell them to swallow it slowly so that is coats their throats. I used this recipe when I had lost my voice for several days after a cold and it worked like a charm each time! Please DO NOT give honey to babies less than 1 year old. This is recipe should be used for kids 6 years and older.

3. Vicks Vapor Rub

Vicks Vapor rub is the savior of cold and flu season. I love lathering up the kids with Vicks vapor rub when they are sick. They often run away when they see me walking towards then with a tiny blue tub because they hate it when the scent of Vicks hits their eyes. There are few different scents now available at the drug stores such as Levander and lemon however I prefer the classic scent Also do not buy the knock off brands….they don’t have the same strong scent that is needed to clear up little congested noses. Throughout the day and especially when they are going to bed at night, I mix the Vicks vapor rub with coconut oil ( baby oil or any other oil you use for skin is ok also) and rub it on their chests, around their necks. Then I apply it to their legs and back and give them a mini massage to relax the sore muscles. Take the oil and Vicks rub and massage their head too. This is long time generation to generation method of healing the cold so we don’t argue with this method and just do it. Don’t worry the Vicks and oil comes out easily with shampoo. Lastly I take good heaping of the Vicks and rub it on the soles of the feet and their feet are nice and warm. Place a nice warm fuzzy sock on their feet and tuck them in for bed. For added comfort for the little noses I turn on the humidifier (warm steam kind) and add Vicks vapor steam liquid to it

I hope you have found the above remedies helpful. Let me know if you have anything else that you use that works well. Take care.

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