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Popular Books To Read For Elementary School Kids

Kids these days are reading all sorts of neat books. I love going to the Scholastic book fairs at school just to check out all the new reads that they have for the kids. My girls are always talking about new books that their friends are reading, or what their teachers and librarians are sharing with them. There are so many fantastic books out there that really grab the kids’ attentions and gets them to love reading like you want them to. Reading is really important as we all know but getting these kids to enjoy reading can be a huge challenge. My second grader loves to read books versus my third grader who gets through the first three chapters and gives up on the book because it’s too much reading or she cannot see the pictures of what is in the story in her head. Even though kids should read at the grade level some may not be ready. It is important to find books that keep their interest going so that they can keep reading the entire book and continue to embrace the love for reading. If your child is not interested in reading don’t give up. Here are some tips to revive your child’s lost interest in reading.

1) Choose books that are appropriate.

My second grader wanted to read chapter books like her sister but wasn’t quite ready for them. So we found books that were like chapter books but With a lot fewer chapters. This helped her finish the book and made her feel like an accomplished reader. I find books like Nancy Clancy, Katie Woo, Owl diaries are easy to read, entertaining, engaging and age-appropriate mini chapter books for Elementary school kids.

2) Pick Books That Are In Line With Your Child’s Interests.

Pick books that your child already has a interest in. Whether they are into princesses, trucks, fairies, they are more likely to read if they are already interested in the subject. For instance my second grader loves to read fantasy character books such as fairies and princesses and my 3rd grader loves books about history, science, and the world around us.

3) Take Them To The Library

Make a point of taking the kids to the library once a week or a few times a month. Sit there with them, go through books look at books, pick out books. Even if they don’t bring a book home to read, the fact that they went to the library and sat down and flip through a book or a magazine gives them a feel for what it feels like to read a book. And who knows maybe they will decide to bring a book home to read. As parents we need to foster positive learning habits. If we don’t take them to the library, if we don’t read with them, they will not learn these habits. Also reading to them doesn’t mean reading a book every single night when they go to bed. We used to do this but as the kids got older and and life got busier with after school activities, we were too exhausted to read at night. However we do make a point of reading in other ways. Such as sometimes I will make them read the headlines on the evening news report while we are sitting and watching the news. Or will flip through a magazine at the doctors office and we would be together.

4) You Don’t Have To Read A Book All The Time.

Be creative with the reading material. When you get the Sunday paper, pull out the comics section and let them read the comics. Grab a new magazine such as the National Geographic, or the girls world magazine once in a while and use that as your reading material for the month. Make them read the roadsigns on the way to school or on that long never ending road trip! For some kids, like mine, reading can be really exhausting. Audiobooks is another great option for kids who lose interest after reading a few chapters. My third grader has been reading the Laura Ingalls wilder books, but very easily lose interest because the chapters along and there are a few pictures in there. To help her out I ordered some audiobooks from the library for her to listen to on her chrome book. I figured if The books were being read to her that would be less and work involved on her part so all she would have to do was follow the words with her eyes. This has been helping her get through her chapter books to the end and it has also been helping her with comprehension, actually understanding what the book is about rather than just reading it to get to the last chapter. There are many options for audiobooks. Audible from Amazon is one option if you have Amazon prime however if you check out your local library they have audio books online we use hoopla. It’s available from my local library. All I have to do is download the app,

Set An Example

I have to force my self to read. I used to be an avid reader in school however life happened during adulthood and reading took a back step. However as parents we all know now whatever behavior we model, the kids will pick them up also. So the last time we were at the library, I also picked out a book for myself. The girls were quite surprised to see an adult reading. Now when the girls read, I sit and read next to them.Sometimes we have friendly challenges like who can read for the longest.

Reading no doubt is very important for kids, we just need t get a little creative about it to keep the interest alive.

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