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Surviving Mandatory School Closure With Older Kids

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So by now the entire country must be under mandatory school closures due to COVID 19 pandemic. With all entertainment, airlines, shops, restaurants closed, what can you do to keep kids entertained at home? If you want them to roll their eyes and moan and groan then tell them to read a book! This unfortunate event might in fact be a chance for parents to spend some quality time at home and take time off from the normal hassle and bustle. Parents can really take this opportunity to teach kids new things. This may be the time to bake those cupcakes with the kiddos that you never had the time to do so. I know this is a very challenging time for all but here are some cool things to do with your kids at home and make the most of this time together.

1)Learn to SEW

Sewing is a fun and fast disappearing skill that must be taught to kids. There are plenty of online videos to teach kids basic sewing skills on you tube. Check out two of my two favorite videos.

make easy scrunchies

2) Learn LOOM Knitting

Knitting can be frustrating for kids. Last Christmas I bought my daughter a loom yarn kit and she loves it. It is very easy to use and you can make tons of stuff from beginning hats and scarfs to more advanced things like bags and slippers. This is a nice beginner loom kit Also here is a nice beginner video on loom knitting.

3) Quilling Paper Art

This is something that I have always wanted to learn to do. I have seen finished projects of quilling art and they are just stunning. This is a very delicate art and will keep kids busy for hours!

4) Cooking/Baking

This is a great time to teach kids to cook or bake. When my girls are out of school in the summer time I have them help in the kitchen and have them chop things up or do simple cooking like cooking rice in the rice cooker. This is a good time to teach kids traditional/ cultural cooking. For instance I teach my girls to make ROTI( Indian tortillas), curry and Indian sweets.

One thing I know my kids would enjoy is cake decorating or cookie decorating. Check out these basic decorating videos. Also check out for more ideas.

5) Teach Them Life Skills

For all of you who have college bound kids this is a good time to teach them things that will be helpful when they get to college. And even for the younger ones, you can teach them simple things like making their beds, tidying their rooms/closets, washing clothes. Here Is a list of things that you can teach kids and get help around the house at the same timešŸ˜‰.

  • How to use the rice cooker
  • How to do laundry the proper way and put them away.
  • How to clean the house
  • How to wash dishes/turn on dishwasher
  • How to wash the car
  • How to change tires( for older kids)
  • Car maintenance…oil change etc
  • Learn to cook simple dishes
  • Learn about financial security/saving ( for times like this)
  • Learn how the Stock market works( great time to teach them since everyone is looking at it closely right about now).

6) Cultural Teachings

This is the perfect time to teach kids things from your own culture. Some examples are:

  • Second language lesson
  • Cultural music lesson
  • Cultural cooking
  • Cultural dance
  • Cultural art

7) Learn a MUSICAL instrument

With the school closed, all extracurricular activities are also closed. Many activities such as music lessons are now being offered online via live videos. Most places are also offering discounts so this would be a good opportunity to either learn a new instrument or help the already talented musicians in your house get some private lessons.

8) Pottery/Arts and Craft

Just like music lessons, a lot of craft places are also offering lessons online. CreativeBug is a online crafting school associated with Joan’s Fabric and it offers full length crafting videos on pretty much any craft you can think of. Currently they are offering 2 month free trial so check them out.

9) Gardening

California is currently being drenched with rain. This is the time of the year that I start my gardening especially my vegetable garden. Take advantage of the sunny days (when you have them) and take the kids out to garden. Take the time to teach them how to get ready for planting, when to plant what, essential insects, bad ones too and how to get rid of them. Organic gardening in also in right now. Let them have their own section in the garden so they can be responsible for what they plant.

10) But Most Importantly.….

Enjoy this time together as a family. We are so busy in our lives all the time and this may be the time we have longed for …. to slow down and appreciate those around us. Tomorrow is not promised to us so love and cherish these moments and all those around us. Take care and stay safe.

Please send me comments on how you are coping through this COVID 19 pandemic.

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